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I HIGHLY recommend Tecla’s K-9 Academy, specifically the live ZOOM online training classes they are offering right now.¬†Tecla is incredible and had such an amazing curriculum set up for the course. Not to mention it was so convenient to be able to do it from home. Each week when we met, she would introduce a few new training activities for us to practice with our puppies until we met the following week. In addition to going over the new training exercises during the ZOOM call, she would provide example videos and supplementary written instructions for each exercise that we could refer back to during the week. She made it foolproof and so easy to follow.

After just eight weeks, my puppy has become so much more well-behaved and obedient. It was so rewarding to see his progress and I could tell he loved learning new things as much as I loved seeing him do them. It was funny too how all of his bothersome behaviors and tendencies just “happened” to start fading away.

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