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Our puppies, Rollo and Huck, have gone to Tecla Academy for daycare each and every day since they were about 4 and 5 months old. Both LOVE the staff and other dogs at daycare. We are always notified if the pups didn’t finish food and any other quick updates upon pickup. We love the socialization they are receiving and that they get to run out some of that puppy energy! The puppies also completed the Purely Positive Puppy course which has helped immensely in their journey of learning manners! 🙂

I’ve had nothing but good experiences both taking my dog to Teclas daycare as well as going through Tecla’s obedience training. Tecla and the staff are very caring and knowledgeable, they’re a really well run operation.

My dog loves going to Tecla’s K-9 daycare! He barely gives me a glance as he happily goes off with any member of their team. My baby can be quite a handful and I have trouble getting him to listen to me but with them, he is a different dog. I don’t know how they get him to listen but he loves being with the workers and playing with all the other dogs in daycare. Thank you!

Love Tecla’s K-9 Academy!!! My dog Reagen loves going to play with her friends at daycare. The staff is professional, friendly, and they show so much love to my sweet girl. The facility is clean and very quiet. Not your typical daycare when you walk in and all you hear is dogs barking. We enjoy a calm drop off with classical music!

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